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Birds Eye & Flame

Imagine the perfect pairing of beautiful wood figuring and you’d be holding THIS guitar in your hands! The ultimate marriage of birdsye and flamed maple in a classic guitar body.  photo a1 flame.jpg
 photo a2 flame.jpg

A Hole in One

Matt Artinger is constantly experimenting with the optimal design of sound projection from his guitars, and this model is no exception. The combination of its unique sound port and humbucking pickup, combined with the bracing on this hollowbody instrument give it a tone and projection to die for! photo 1b walnut.jpg photo 1c walnut.jpg photo 1a walnut.jpg photo 1d walnut.jpg

The Elegant Jazz Classic

The elegant jazz archtop- A timeless classic in both looks and sound. Matt Artinger touches all the bases with this sophisticated lady!
 photo 1a elegent.jpg photo 1b elegant.jpg photo 1c elegant elegant.jpg

Raining Singlecuts

 photo artingerblog.jpg photo artingerblog2.jpg
……..an Artinger take on a timeless classic, because you can never get too much of a good thing!


Bound for world travel, this classic design in Koa will be a show-stopper where ever it sings. The attention to detail on this instrument is a testament to Matt Artinger’s keen eye and unswerving vision in the art of custom guitar building. photo ablogkoa.jpg photo ablogkoa2.jpg photo ablogkoa3.jpg photo ablogkoa4.jpg


Another classic beauty, bold, balanced & beautiful photo aartingerblog6.jpg photo aartingerblog7a.jpg photo aartingerblog8.jpg


With its glow in the dark fret markers and fast, slim profile, this little gem will cut through even the heaviest riffs and leave your fans stunned and begging for more! photo aArtingerblogIMG_1532.jpg photo aartingerblogARTINGERDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart421.jpg photo aartingerblogIMG_1544.jpg


Every one of Matt Artinger’s instruments is a work of art unto itself, and the erotic beauty of these guitars beckons to the libido of every guitar slinger like a siren’s call.
 photo ablogsizedblogartingerguitarporn-Copy.jpg


A classic single cutaway that is stunning in its simplicity and elegance.Photobucket