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A Hole in One

Matt Artinger is constantly experimenting with the optimal design of sound projection from his guitars, and this model is no exception. The combination of its unique sound port and humbucking pickup, combined with the bracing on this hollowbody instrument give it a tone and projection to die for! photo 1b walnut.jpg photo 1c walnut.jpg photo 1a walnut.jpg photo 1d walnut.jpg


As a photographer in the entertainment field, I meet all kinds of interesting and talented people. One of my old friends, bassist extraordinaire Jason Gano is also a Vice President with Marshall Amplification, manufacturers of some of the most iconic guitar amplifiers in the history of rock & roll! It seemed only natural that Artinger guitars and Marshall amps were destined to meet up to create some special sonic mayhem, so when Jason suggested loaning me a ’58X re-issue for a photo session and window shattering workout, who was I to argue? As my neighbors will attest, the results were musical madness, in the best possible way. As for the beauty of Matt’s guitars, well, you can make up your own mind. ( I, of course, am biased!)  photo Marshall Artinger photo copyright Michael G. Stewart1.jpg photo Marshall Artinger photo copyright Michael G. Stewart2.jpg photo Marshall Artinger photo copyright Michael G. Stewart3.jpg photo Marshall Artinger photo copyright Michael G. Stewart4.jpg photo Marshall Artinger photo copyright Michael G. Stewart7.jpg


We hate to be sexist, but sometimes there is just nothing like a magnificent example of the luthier’s art in the hands of a stunningly beautiful woman! All those curves just seem to compliment each other, and you can clearly see where the early instrument builders got their inspiration, so just enjoy- A feast for the eyes and ears! photo Jane Marie Kane photo Michael G. Stewart067.jpg photo Jane Marie Kane photo Michael G. Stewart029.jpg photo ABC JANE .jpg


With its glow in the dark fret markers and fast, slim profile, this little gem will cut through even the heaviest riffs and leave your fans stunned and begging for more! photo aArtingerblogIMG_1532.jpg photo aartingerblogARTINGERDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart421.jpg photo aartingerblogIMG_1544.jpg


Like a breath of fresh mountain air, this acoustic guitar from the Artinger workshop is a delight to the eyes and ears!
 photo aartingerblogacoustic2.jpg
 photo aArtingerblogacoustic1.jpg
 photo aartingerblogacoustic3.jpg


One P-90 and a swirling finish to take you on journeys into the sonic beyond!
 photo blogartingerswirl1.jpg
 photo blogartingerswirl2.jpg

Redefining Lust



An Artinger Guitar from the first year of production.

Nub Guitar

Paint by Nub Grafix

3 Pickup double cutaway