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Birds Eye & Flame

Imagine the perfect pairing of beautiful wood figuring and you’d be holding THIS guitar in your hands! The ultimate marriage of birdsye and flamed maple in a classic guitar body.  photo a1 flame.jpg
 photo a2 flame.jpg

A Stunning Top

No explanation needed on this baby- Just a stunning take on a classic design-  photo a1 quilt.jpg photo a2 quilt.jpg

The Elegant Jazz Classic

The elegant jazz archtop- A timeless classic in both looks and sound. Matt Artinger touches all the bases with this sophisticated lady!
 photo 1a elegent.jpg photo 1b elegant.jpg photo 1c elegant elegant.jpg


One of the many variations on the Artinger Standard, with a beautifully book matched flame maple top! What more do you need to say?  photo bIMG_4457 copy.jpg photo bIMG_4448 copy.jpg photo afbIMG_4287.jpg


Inspired by the early 60’s Asian Invasion of way-out, veg-o-matic, over the top, anything goes space-age styling of the Japanese guitars that poured into the U.S. like an amplified tsunami, The Tokyo Rosie is an eye catching, ear shattering monster of an instrument that is capable of crushing unsuspecting cities with its monstrous tone and awesome sonic power, yet gentle enough to make Hello Kitty seem like a tiger! With its 6 mini toggle switches sending a Telestar like message into the stratosphere, this little baby will make everyone sit up and take notice! photo afbbIMG_4549.jpg photo Artinger Godzilla.jpg photo artinger blog tokyo1.jpg


Pictured here is a gorgeous single pick-up jazz box for the new century, clean, lightweight and extremely comfortable to play. photo aartingerbloghollow.jpg photo aartingerbloghollow4.jpg photo aartingerbloghollow2.jpg photo aartingerbloghollow5.jpg


Another classic beauty, bold, balanced & beautiful photo aartingerblog6.jpg photo aartingerblog7a.jpg photo aartingerblog8.jpg


A variation on the theme of unique, ported sound holes, here is another take on the Convertible concept. photo ARTINGERblogDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart96.jpg photo ARTINGERblogDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart151.jpg photo ARTINGERblogDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart161.jpg photo ARTINGERblogDec2013photocopyrightMichaelGStewart98.jpg


Every one of Matt Artinger’s instruments is a work of art unto itself, and the erotic beauty of these guitars beckons to the libido of every guitar slinger like a siren’s call.
 photo ablogsizedblogartingerguitarporn-Copy.jpg


Another stunning instrument from Matt Artinger: Note the removable sound port on the upper body, held in place by tiny magnets, it may be removed to create a more open, airy dimension to this beautiful guitar’s sonic range. Destined to become an instant classic!
 photo blogtake2artingerblog-1.jpg