We hate to be sexist, but sometimes there is just nothing like a magnificent example of the luthier’s art in the hands of a stunningly beautiful woman! All those curves just seem to compliment each other, and you can clearly see where the early instrument builders got their inspiration, so just enjoy- A feast for the eyes and ears! photo Jane Marie Kane photo Michael G. Stewart067.jpg photo Jane Marie Kane photo Michael G. Stewart029.jpg photo ABC JANE .jpg


Inspired by the early 60’s Asian Invasion of way-out, veg-o-matic, over the top, anything goes space-age styling of the Japanese guitars that poured into the U.S. like an amplified tsunami, The Tokyo Rosie is an eye catching, ear shattering monster of an instrument that is capable of crushing unsuspecting cities with its monstrous tone and awesome sonic power, yet gentle enough to make Hello Kitty seem like a tiger! With its 6 mini toggle switches sending a Telestar like message into the stratosphere, this little baby will make everyone sit up and take notice! photo afbbIMG_4549.jpg photo Artinger Godzilla.jpg photo artinger blog tokyo1.jpg


Since the beginning of his career as a professional luthier, Matt Artinger has built many varieties and styles of guitar, but in the end, he continues to return and revisit what has become the Artinger Standard, a double-cutaway semi-hollow instrument with the distinctive Artinger double cats-eye F-holes. Feast your eyes on this smokin’ version of a Matt Artinger Classic. photo ablogflamey.jpg photo ablogonfire.jpg photo ablogsmokey.jpg


 photo apoweroftwoa.jpg photo Aartingerblogblue.jpg photo a1blogblue.jpg
Isn’t that some beautiful flame on this neck? photo a1blogblue4.jpg


The Godfather, the Grandaddy of them all, the original King of the Jam band, was, of course, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead! Although he played numerous guitars over the course of his career with both the Dead, The Jerry Garcia Band and numerous others, he is most often identified with the ¬†custom instruments he played later in his prolific life. ¬†Here is Matt Artinger’s unique interpretation, The Garcia Tribute Guitar.
 photo A1Iblog.jpg
 photo A2blog.jpg photo A3blog.jpg

Raining Singlecuts

 photo artingerblog.jpg photo artingerblog2.jpg
…… Artinger take on a timeless classic, because you can never get too much of a good thing!


There’s nothing like a little extra glow to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. This iridescent baby shines even in the brightest light to make all your music light up the stage! photo ablogglow1.jpg photo ablogglow3.jpg
Glow in the dark material on the logo & fret markers make this guitar really shine photo ablogglowe2.jpg


Bound for world travel, this classic design in Koa will be a show-stopper where ever it sings. The attention to detail on this instrument is a testament to Matt Artinger’s keen eye and unswerving vision in the art of custom guitar building. photo ablogkoa.jpg photo ablogkoa2.jpg photo ablogkoa3.jpg photo ablogkoa4.jpg


This stunning model is enough to make anyone roar with approval! A masterpiece in modern traditionalism, this baby will growl and purr then rip your ears off with its savage tone and primal beauty. photo ablogtiger2.jpg photo ablogtiger3.jpg photo ablogtigerseyetiger1a.jpg


By nature of the creative process, it may take a while to create that special, one-of-a-kind instrument for you, but at Artinger Guitars, every effort is made to build and deliver your guitar, bass or mandolin in a timely manner! photo aartingerheader2014.jpg